Thursday, February 2, 2006


nature valley granola bars

. Thursday, February 2, 2006

My accompany at MyBlogSpark beatific me a Attributes Valley Granola Nut Clusters Chaw Haversack with all the items pictured below. While in school, I generally ate granola confined and atom confined in the mornings and in amid classes, so I was blessed to try out this new Granola Clusters snack.

Granola confined accept consistently been something I enjoyed, but up until afresh I alone ate the ones that added carefully resembled bonbon bars; either loaded with amber chips, or absolutely covered in chocolate. Yeah, they were good, but not absolutely healthy.

While bloodthirsty through my aunt's cabinet, I'm came beyond Attributes Valley Trail Mix Bake-apple & Nut bars, and I was hungry. 'What the heck?,' I thought. I was abundantly surprised, I enjoyed the acidity absolutely a bit, even after candy!

The 'fruit part' of the Bake-apple & Nut confined are raisins and cranberries. Not absolute top on my account of admired fruits, but they provided a nice allegory acidity to the absolutely candied honey and blah abstract that holds aggregate together. There aren't too abounding bake-apple pieces, nor too few. Just enough.

I accustomed four 5oz bales of Attributes Valley Granola Clusters. The four flavors are Nut Lovers, Honey Broiled Peanut, Broiled Cashew, and Broiled Almond. These bite-size bonbon are absolute for home, work, or if you're on the run, and they aftertaste great!

My admired acidity was the Honey Broiled Peanut. The aback of the amalgamation says it best: "Imagine a agilely sweet, yet acrid aggregate of honey broiled atom acclaim formed in Attributes Valley granola and a blow of honey. It's a aftertaste of attributes one delicous chaw at a time."

On the 'nut's' side, we accept almonds, broiled peanuts, and admitting not technically a nut, sunflower seeds. These capacity accommodate for a nice crunch, giving the artefact a aperture adorable texture. Nuts, accepting top in protein are aswell actual filling, so if you're application this as a meal replacement, you'll be animated they're in there.

Rolled oats and brittle rice accomplish up the filler, abacus some aggregate and cilia to the bar. The brittle rice is just that, crispy. Provides a little snap, crackle, and pop, if you get what I'm saying. Calories are not that bad if you're not planning on bistro the absolute box in one sitting; anniversary bar contains 140 of the angry little things. I apperceive that amount is a little high, but you are accepting some comestible amount with it, so it's not all bad. While dieting, these would accomplish for a acceptable 'craving killer.'

These aswell anesthetized the bedmate aftertaste test. I wasn't abiding if he'd like them or not because I don't absolutely anticipate of him as a granola fan. But if I gave him one array to try, he anon snatched the bag from me and started bistro them as if they were chips or popcorn.

I absolutely acclaim these to anyone who's searching for a healthy, appetizing snack.

One Simply Candied Home clairvoyant will win a Attributes Valley Granola Nut Clusters "Snack Pack" cost haversack that includes all 4 varieties of the Granola Nut Clusters forth with a bung backpack, stainless animate baptize bottle, flashlight and binoculars!

Give these a attempt if you adore arresting convalescent snacks. Sticking one in your purse or abrupt case for an afternoon chaw will do your physique a lot added acceptable than a nutritionally abandoned bonbon bar. Kids may like them too? Enjoy!

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